Hello my little rained on UK people. Well my parents have abandoned me to these wierd Australians. Bit sad but mostly I was too nackered, we picked up Lennie as we dropped Mum and Dad and headed home. For those of you who do not know, Lennie was our next door neighbour when we lived at No 9. His daughter lives in Perth so he has taken a side trip to see us on his way home. He is probably now regretting this as Jamie has made him mow lawns, fetch medicines, sand and varnish a table and 2 chairs, and generally drive around with him acting as his right hand man. Plus Abi keeps shouting shhhh at him whenever he attempts to talk during her TV, tell her a story or sing to her as he did yesterday. Meanwhile I spend most of my time trying to stop snorting in laughter as Lennie is slightly deaf so it took him 5 mins to work out what she was saying as he was singing, meanwhile she has gone blue with frustrations! That memory will keep me in giggles for a while yet 🙂

So we got home at 2am and Linda sleepily told me Jack had gone down without a peep and only just got back up. So I tucked myself into bed all ready for sleep when the little man started up. As soon as I scooped him up I could tell he was running a temp, and for the next 3 days I drugged my child with as much paracetemol as I could get into him and slept in 45 min bursts at night and snored away on the sofa with Abi watching Dora the Explorer. Then come Sunday afternoon the temp broke and he’s back to his demanding self. No clue what was going on, and not a tooth in sight so apparently it was all a test run for something. Let’s hope the real thing hits when I am out of the country – without my children.

Apart from watching Jamie and Lennie mow lawns, so exciting and sitting outside Bunnings Warehouse (Australian version of B&Q) waiting for them to finish looking at ladders or whatever men do in those places (I used to go in with Jamie but I now have a Dr’s note and a deeper love for life) we went to the Port Fairy Show. And yes it deserves all those capitals. There Abi held a baby koala, very exciting although as she was told to be gentle she was holding it so carefully it kept slipping out her arms. And we stroked a wombat, so want one. Then found a tent full of pets for sale, puppies, kittens, chickens, guinea pigs. I had to rip Jack and Abi away, and then Jamie had a to go back in and get me. We saw some cows being judged, no clue why the winner won, maybe a nice set of udders or particularly good tail swoshing. The same can be said of the minature goat competition – I am actually in awe of how many people have minature goats and that they aren’t really that small. There was lots of horse stuff going on which I didn’t understand and am praying Abi does not get involved in, it looks expensive, time consuming and a touch boring. But we had a yummy pancake with strawberries finished off with an ice-cream in a cone, Jack wins the prize for most obssessed with his ice cream. I attempted to eat the cone away so he could get to the ice cream inside and was rewarded with a high pitched scream of fury as he wrenched his cone away from me.

I have also dragged Abi to her first gym class, and I got a go on a trampline which was an added bonus. They have a little class for 2 – 5 year olds where they get a load of equipment out and let them run riot. And they let them go on everything which is pretty cool, from trampolines – a really long one all the kids run up and down with at least one smash every 30 secs. They have bars, horses, rings, crash mats and a load of other stuff. I actually managed to get Abi into bed before 8pm that night so needless to say I shall be going back as much as possible.

To finish I have made my first friend, or should I say stalked my first Mum. We went to story time at the library, which was kind of embarrassing as by the 3rd page all the children had wandered off and it was just a load of Mums sitting in a circle listening to ‘Polly’s New Bed’. But I spotted a little girl close to Abi’s age and promptly launched myself at her mother and rambled on about how Abi had no friends and how hard it was to meet people until she took pity on me and give me her number for a play date – and now I am too scared to call, I’ll do it tomorrow, promise.

So now I am going to bed. Linda and Peter are off to Port Douglas on holiday tomorrow so no doubt this will be the week everything goes pearshaped! Night all xxx

Photos: Alpacas who live down the road, Abi with her various tattoo demands, the cows in our back garden, Abi’s new swing set and the baby Kaola.