Today was Jack’s first birthday and his baptism. Thanks to everyone for your cards, texts, emails, etc. We had a great day. It was a crazy christening with a Blues theme! Apparently every 5th sunday in a month the church has an unusual service and this month was Blues. It was fun if a little different. Jack sobbed his heart out when he was christened and spent most of the service attempting to crawl in a very long christening gown. It’s about 120 years old and is now covered in chocolate biscuit.

Afterwards we had a big Langley/Kyle lunch and then got onto the important present opening section of the day. Abi did most of the opening as ‘Jack is too small so I will help him’. But he loved all his presents, especially as he hasn’t really had any toys to play with so far. We are still trying to get Abi to understand the art of sharing!

We made Jack a pumpkin cake, which looked great but was as solid as a rock. My attempt at creating the prefect sponge failed hideously! Luckily Jack is not at the stage where he cares but the stakes will be higher next year! On top of that Jack took his first steps today. He’s still not entirely sure about the whole walking thing but he took 5 or 6 to Jamie and his new push around toy. So in the next few weeks I expect him to start zooming along!

4 days til the parents leave now, think it might get a little emotional but hopefully will throw myself into life and attempting to find the mysterious creative club. Another English lady told me about it but so far despite wandering all about town and searching the internet I have come up with nothing. But since Port Fairy is not that big I’m figuring it is only a matter of time.

The other pics are a sunset from the back patio area of the house and our trip to the 12 Apostles, down the Great Ocean Road. Very windy and very bored kids hence the crawling race but still beautiful place.