So here I am shopping in the IGA – local supermarket, thinking things like ‘ohh where are the dora the explorer yogurts’ and ‘do I need more snakes?’ – chewy sweets in snake shape. When this pops into my head, ‘oh there’s Mum, wonder if she has paid and oh look there’s a man wearing my Daddy’s suit’. This was followed by sobbing in the grocery aisle when I realised the man wearing my Daddy’s suit was my Daddy! Abi is clinging to her Bubba like a limpit, Jack is crawling all over him, bashing his head and stealing his glasses from his top pocket as if he saw him just yesterday.

We walked down to the river and onto the beach where Abi stripped naked – how unusual – and Dad ended up in his boxers as she inisted on paddling and he got soaked. We made a giant sandcastle, Jack ate more sand and then finished it all up with a lovely dinner with Langleys and Kyles.

Apparently it all began a few weeks before we left Mum and Dad hatched a plan for him to come over for Jack’s first birthday and christening this Sunday. Sneaky parents made banal comments about talking on skype over the weekend, Mum took secret phonecalls and I fell for it all. But it was the best surprise ever and now I have 9 days with my Mum and Dad before they head back to the UK. Hurrah for sneaky parents!!