The weather has taken a turn, after 3 glorious days of sunshine it’s looking a little grey out there. Which is probably a good thing as everyone’s a little frazzled; I caught Jack eating dog biscuits out of Billy’s bowl this morning, but when I offered him peanut butter on toast he ate a bit and then fed the rest to Billy so obviously dog biscuits are the tastier option in the morning. Then Abi managed to put both her trousers and shoes on backwards and Mum is still in bed.

So far this week we have been to a little local animal park, where Abi stuffed the wallabies with as much bread as she could shove through the wire, we watched Emus attack kangaroos – seriously freaky birds and finished with a rather wierd encounter with a possum. The guy who runs the park met us as we finished up and started to stick his hands up his jumper sleeves muttering ‘I could have sworn it was up here somewhere’ and then asked my Mum to put her arm up the back of his jumper and get ‘it’ out. It turned out to be a baby possum which was the cutest thing. Abi was besotted with it, until it dived down her front at which point Mum and I were desperately trying to stop her flattening the little thing, while rummaging around in her jumper trying to get it out safely. Luckily we saved it from being squished before the man reappeared and threw us out of his park.

We stopped at a Bay – it began with M – on the way home to have our pinic, and Abi insisted on stripping into her pants to paddle – it’s freezing in the water so I ran most of the way with her and then sent her on her own the rest of the way claiming to be right behind her. Worked a charm!

Then the next day was another stressful day of beach time, paddling, walking the dog and trying to stop Jack eating nothing but sand and cheese puffs. Such a hard life for me 🙂

Yesterday we decided to head to the Twelve Apostles, which was good in theory until we got half way before realising I had forgotten a map and the kids had eaten all the biscuits and had a nap and now had had enough. We stopped half a dozen tourists and finally made it after almost 2 hours of driving. Abi was less than impressed, despite insisting all the day down the rocks in the sea were her favourite. And I was forced to bribe her with ‘something nice’ from the shop to get her off the walkway and back to the car.

So now I am off to the local market to buy Black Baby another outfit, maybe then I can actually wash her current one without hysterics. She’s getting a little disgusting.