We have arrived! Well we’ve been here a week now and this is the first time I have managed to spend more than 5 minutes on the internet without being booted off by inlaws, husband or sobbing children! First up I would like to say I am here under false pretences – there is no sunshine!! I shocked and appalled than my husband would lie to me like this, plus I only brought one cardi and one jumper so I am doing a lot of washing these days.

We have unpacked, mostly, although there are still 170 odd boxes in the garage and another 50 odd on the way so I have no idea where these are all going to go. Plus in all his wisedom my husband has stacked all the things I need at the very back – good going babe.

I have an australian phone number which I will probably email around when I get another moment of peace, but I am still without most people’s numbers so keep emailing them please. Also I have realised I have somehow lost my address book, so when you send your numbers, add the address as well please. I know, I know but I have just upheaved my entire life so losing my address book is a small price to pay.

Port Fairy is still quiet, the summer season has not hit yet. Mum’s word for it is rural – I think she is a bit shocked at how small it is. But it’s beautiful. On Monday night we took the dog for a walk on the beach, collected seashells and paddled in the water before going home for dinner. That’s what I swopped the UK for. Then just to be really creative we used the seashells to make Abi’s mouse a summer home – will add a picture of the beautiful place later. For those of you who don’t know Abi has an imaginary mouse; pink with 4 eyes and 3 legs it rides around on our shoulders and in pockets and Abi spends most of her time running about with one hand clenched – constantly holding her mousie!

We are aiming to get broadband in the house soon so as soon as that happens I should have some time to get you all updated with life in Port Fairy.

So far it can be drummed down to a few words – overcast, ‘rural’, lots of yelling from Langleys as that is the only way they function but so far pretty positive. Love to all in the UK.